How Often Should I Have My Car Detailed?

Detailing your vehicle will have it looking good as new, but how often should you have your car detailed to keep it looking its best? At Best Care Mobile, we specialize in vehicle detailing, and have been providing regular detailing services to our customers for years. We wanted to take some time today to talk about exactly how often you should have your car detailed.

Exterior Detailing May Be Needed More Often

If you’re careful, you can keep the inside of your car pretty clean, but you usually don’t have much say when it comes to dirt and mud that can coat the exterior of your vehicle. If you have kids, then you may need to have your interior done just as often, but most people need to have their exterior detailed more often than their interior.

Why is Regular Detailing Important?

Detailing your vehicle is the best way to clean it, and frankly it’s the only way to truly perform a deep clean. Having regular detailing jobs performed will not only keep your vehicle looking great, but it will also help keep it running great too. Dirt can get caked up in different parts of your vehicle, but a good detailing will get all of the buildup off.

So, How Often Should I Have My Vehicle Detailed?

How often you have your car/vehicle detailed depends on how much you drive it, and how hard you drive it. The more you drive, the more often your vehicle will need to be detailed. Having said that, we recommend most people detail their vehicle two to three times a year, or about every four to six months.

Have Your Car Detailed by a Baltimore, MD Detailing Expert

Whether you’re looking for service for your own personal vehicle, or need help with a commercial fleet, Best Care Mobile Detailing is here for you. We offer our detailing services to Baltimore and many of the surrounding areas. Get in contact with us today to learn more about how you can benefit from our services.

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