What is Auto Detailing?

Car detailing is similar to car washing, except it’s a much more intricate and thorough process. A car wash may leave your car looking alright, but an auto detailing will have your vehicle looking just like the day it rolled off the lot. We wanted to outline the auto detailing process today, as well as highlight some of the benefits of the process.

Auto Detailing is Detail Oriented

Your car has a lot of small parts, and dirt and grime can get stuck in the smallest of places. The whole point of an auto detailing is to clean out these crevices and nooks and crannies. We recommend you take a few pictures before you have your first detailing done. Then, after a professional mobile detailing company has performed their services, you can compare and see the detailing difference.

Interior or Exterior? Or Both?

There are two major forms of auto detailing, interior and exterior. When performing an interior car detailing, your floors and seats will be vacuumed and scrubbed. With an exterior detailing, your car’s paint job and every bit of your exterior will be scrubbed clean. You can always opt for just one or the other, but having them both performed will really have your car or vehicle looking sharp.

Perfect for Commercial Fleets

Do you run a business where you maintain a fleet of vehicles? If so, having your fleet regularly detailed can keep everything looking good for your customers, and can help extend the life of your vehicles. Check out some of our commercial fleet detailing services online, or get in touch with us to see how we can help your business.

Work with a Reliable Mobile Detailing Company in Baltimore

Whether you’re interested in commercial or residential auto detailing services, our team at Best Care Mobile Detailing is here for you. We’ve been providing our services to the greater Baltimore area for years, and hope to do so for many more. We look forward to hearing and working with you!

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